Feuchtwangen, Dinkelsbuhl, Nördlingen, Munich. 10/4/99

Today we leave Rothenburg. It is just as well since we are both sore from the hard bed.

Our first stop is in Feuchtwangen. We visit St. John’s church and its cloister. This church was built in the mid-13th century and still has vestiges of its frescoes.

I think these are frescoes from Johanneskirche (St. John’s in Feuchtwangen.) Over the door is a crucifixion scene and the lower right figure is of St. Christopher while the one on the left appears to be a king
Here is Christ in the center with the icons of the gospel writers around him

Then it is on to Dinkelsbuhl to visit St. George’s church. It is quite large and has many altars.

John somewhere in one of these towns

Finally we head toward Nördlingen. In our travel guide it tells us that Nördlingen is built in the very large crater of a meteorite. The impact was so intense that much of the carbon in the area fused into tiny diamonds.  Many of the older buildings in Nördlingen are built with diamond encrusted rock. The church we have come to see is not open.


At this point we decide we have seen enough medieval stuff and proceed to western Munich to our hotel, the Insel Muhle. Since I have made a navigating error we buy a map of the area from the hotel. We are on the third floor of an old converted mill. Our bedroom is in a loft area while the bathroom is on the floor below. We will see how that works out! We eat dinner at the hotel, enjoying sauerbraten and tornados. The food is fine but quite expensive. We are really tired and in bed by 9 PM.

Insel Muhle

Always an important picture, John with the rental car


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