Munich. October 5, 1999

I wake up today and my hip is killing me. So many hard beds have gotten to me. It is too painful to bend over!  I take some ibuprofen that we have brought along and think about how I am going to manage sightseeing feeling like this? We go to breakfast at the hotel. I am getting used to having cold cuts for breakfast.

The first thing we do is drive to Pasing where we search out a Citibank. We need to get some Czech money for later in the trip. They tell us that we can only get it at the Citibank in central Munich. Nothing is easy.

We have decided to visit the Alte Pinakothek to see the art they have housed there. They do not have a parking lot or structure. It is just on-the-street parking. Round and round we drive making bigger circles away from the museum.  I am ready to give up but John is still trying. Finally we find someone pulling out of a space about 5 blocks away. Then we hike to the museum. Inside the pinakothek we love especially the Brueghels and Durer self-portrait.

Dürer self portrait in fur lined robe, 1500

After we finish at the museum we go to a U-bahn stop and buy a 3-day pass. We take the train into Marienplatz, the main square of Munich. We find the Citibank and buy the Czech korunas that we will need. We stop for a late lunch at Schneider’s. We dine on wurst und kraut und bier. Yum! Here I will find a life long love of their Weissbier, known as Tap 7. It is the beer we have at our Christmas celebrations, even now some 21 years later.

John is front of Schneider’s


Mary in front of Schneider’s

Lastly we do a little grocery shopping and buy some wine and munchies which we will eat for dinner. We take the U-bahn back to where we parked the car (so glad we could find it again) and then drive back to our hotel.

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