Munich. October 6, 1999

Today we take the S2 into the Hauptbahnhof and find the “Times Square,” a cyber cafe. We check our email and are happy to find a note from Sarah. We write back to both Jon and Sarah. As an aside I remember how difficult it was to find internet around this time. We sought out bars, bicycle shops, and other hotel lobbies hoping to find a place to connect. Soon we decided not to stay anywhere that we could not get connected.

Times Square, “online bistro”

We reboard the train and go to the Isotar  stop where the Deutches Museum is located. It is an industry and technology museum. We look at exhibits about food science, telecommunications, computers, electronic toys, musical instruments, bridge building and lots of others. It is all very interesting especially when there are some English explanations.

John at the Deutsches Museum
John at beer exhibit

After our visit we have a late lunch/early dinner at Buon Gusto, an Italian restaurant. John has risotto and Ichoose veal Marsala. While we are there we watch a film crew set up for a TV interview with the chef who used to be an actor. He is very short! John and the waiter speak a sort of Italian to each other. This is a very nice break from German food.

Buon Gusto

Lastly we head over to the Viktualen Markt for some wine and cheese. Good thing! When we get back to the room we discover that the room cleaners had thrown out all our pretzels and crackers!!


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