This blog, among other things, is to help allay worries that plague me each day. Many of them like to pop up between 2 and 4 am. The idea is, much like burning your wishes and letting the smoke go up to the gods for wish fulfilment, that just the physical act of writing worries down, will help them to dissipate. We’ll see.

In any case, today is not a day for worries. Today is a day for thanking my wonderful family for all the happiness they bring me. Thank you, Ryan for being the best daughter-in-law ever, for making Jon happy and for giving me this blog. Thank you, Jon, for all the hugs from the time you were born until today and for always caring. And thank you Sarah, for being my friend as well as my daughter and trying to keep me out of obssessive mode by making pointed comments when I am too over the top. A special thanks to my wonderful husband, John, the smartest man ever, who has always stuck by me even when the worries took on a life of their own. God, that was maudlin but it needed to be said.

So, in addition to the worries, what will I do with this blog? I’d like to catalogue some of my diet tips. I am embarking on the hundreth or so weight loss attempt, many succussful. Perhaps writing down the wisdom of 35 years of dieting and then rereading it will help my effort. Maybe it will help someone else.

Also, I am quite the crossword puzzle fan. New York Times, primarily. If you’ve ever done one, have you ever thought, “Oh , yeah, I’ll remember that?” And then, of course you don’t. So I am hoping to put in some “words of the day.” I think that a person remembers things in lots of different ways; sometimes by reading something, sometimes by saying it out loud, and sometimes by writing it down. I will be curious to see if this will help me remember some of the arcane things that I come across each day.

I had a very merry Christmas, I hope you did too.

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