I noticed an article on AP today which was headlined, “Indonesian Muslims Warn Against Evangelism.” It is alleged that there are some Christian groups coming in to help with the humanitarian effort for the victims of the tsunami who have another agenda. What’s up with that? Why does one group think they have the answers to everything and everyone else should believe it? Belief is just what it is. There’s no right or wrong in belief because no one can prove what they “believe” is true. If there is a universal truth, then wouldn’t it be a big kick in the pants if Christian proselytizers ( or for that matter, any other religious proselytizers) found out they were wrong. The Muslim people are just as sure that they are following the correct path as Christians or Jews or Hindus are sure that they’ve got the right answer. Don’t take something as pure and wonderful as helping these victims and turn it into a platform for a point of view. It’s a great way to make enemies.

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