Does everyone think that where they live is the best? I have just returned from four weeks in Marco Island, FL. As we flew over the Sierras, the Central Valley and then finally into the Bay Area, I thought, wow, this is the best place on earth. Maybe that’s a reaction to being home. I can remember feeling a similar way as we approached Boston or Raleigh. But yesterday, the sky was so blue and the temperature in the mid-60’s. Flowering trees are blooming and daffodils are out. Everything is so green. Then I went to the grocery store. The aisles are so wide. They are not filled with people who are 55 and up, standing in the middle of the aisle trying to remember what they went to store for. And the produce. It made me want to weep. What variety! I actually went over to the produce manager and told how wonderful his produce was. There were piles of leeks and fennel (and not for $4.99 each), many kinds of eggplant, all sorts of lettuces and mushrooms. I know as the glow of being home wears off, I’ll start to notice less attractive aspects of California, but right now, this is the best place to live.

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