For most people trying to lose weight, the choice for snacking is either raw vegetables or popcorn. As a salt/starch eater, I’d pick popcorn every time. According to America’s Test Kitchen, the best microwave popcorn you can buy is Newman’s Own Butter. Of course, I never buy the full butter type. But I can’t stand the no-butter or natural types. I find that “light” is a good compromise.

Once while visiting Sarah at USC, we had to make the best of a poor hors d’oeuvres situation. All she had was popcorn and hummus. Well, desperation being the mother of invention in this case, we popped the kernels and carefully dipped one at a time in the hummus. (Spicy hummus worked the best.) Our new hors d’oeuvres accomplished three things: it made the popcorn more glamorous; it made for a filling and nutritious snack; and it really slowed us down what with all the individual dipping. Try it!

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