In an effort to maintain the sort of not-so-young but not-so-old image that we want, we have invented The Three Step Rule. Now this may sound like a shortcut to sobriety but, alas, it is not. And it is something that only needs to be done while in public. Sometimes, after being in the car for a goodly amount of time, we find that knees and hips don’t just spring out of the seats and jauntily walk away from the car. So we have invented The Three Step Rule as a solution. After getting out of the car, stand for a moment and get your back, hips and knees lined up while trying to look casual. Then the rule is, you must be walking naturally by the time you have taken three steps. Sure, it is easier to creak across the parking lot. But the more you give in to the creakiness, the more it will become a habit.

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