Wonton wrappers

Yesterday I made butternut squash raviolis using wonton wrappers. You peel and chop the butternut squash, toss it with some salt, olive oil and maple syrup and bake it until it’s soft. In the meantime, you saute some shallots and add some pecans and sage at the end of the saute. Then you mash up the squash and mix in the shallot mixture. It is really yummy. But when I made the raviolis and cooked them, the wonton wrappers were really flabby and really didn’t add anything to dish. I guess it would have been better to make actual pasta but this seemed easier. I know this isn’t really a diet tip but this is quite a good, not-too-high in calories, vegetarian dish. I served it with a wild mushroom ragu and garlicky greens.

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