Over the past few weeks there have been a lot of wildfires in southern Utah. It’s been hot and dry and smoky. Luckily, few structures have been destroyed and no one has been hurt. But it was close. So as we were driving through town a few days before Fourth of July, we were amazed to see that they were selling fireworks. Fireworks! You’d think that at least this year they’d give it a pass. Leave the incendiary celebrations in the hands of professionals. But, no. Not surprisingly there was a small fire started. Once again, people had to be deployed to put it out. Amazingly, someone wrote in to the paper with the same idea as mine – What are you thinking selling fireworks!!! And just as not- amazingly, someone wrote back this week that what were we going to do next, ban cars and other objects that could hurt us and others? Because in Utah it’s all about individual and property rights and not so much about common sense.

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