Need money? Call 1-800-u-r-so-dum now! In bankruptcy? Have a bad credit rating? Behind on your bills? Not a problem! Need some cash? Loan sharks at your door? Call 1-800-I-m-desperate now! All you need is equity in your home. We can address your problem while making a little cash for ourselves.

It’s handy that all these loaners have real estate licenses, just in case you can’t make your payments. Then, instead of being behind on your payments but living in your house, you could be free of your payments and living on the street!

There are a lot of people living on the edge, living from paycheck to paycheck. They need everything to go right in their lives just to juggle the bills. What happens to these people when they hear the commercials on the radio offering them an easy way out of debt? One ad even says, ka-ching, after their phone number so that borrowing money feels like you are winning at the slots. Are people so desperate or so gullible that they jump at the chance to get some “easy” money?

Part of the homeless problem brought to you by E-Z credit.

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