You know how when you go to the mailbox (snail mail) and there’s nothing in it but junk mail, it’s kind of a disappointment? Now suppose that junk mail had a return address from someone you hadn’t heard from for a while. Then you opened it up and it really wasn’t personally for you, you’d be more disappointed. Kind of like getting a “Lower you mortgage rate now!” from a friend.

That’s kind of the way I feel when I get an email from someone I haven’t heard from in a while and the content is some “forward” and it’s not really addressed to me alone. Sure, if you’re my kids or friends that write to me often, feel free to send something along with a note. But, not just out of the blue without a “hi, how are you? Here’s what’s new with me.” No, usually it is something to do with how to protect myself from the ax murderer who wants to stuff me in the trunk of my car or some right-wing political statement.

I think maybe it’s because of this blog that people feel empowered to send me stuff. The difference here is that I don’t deliver my blog to your mailbox. If you want to look at my blog, fine. It will contain my thoughts, experiences and opinions. You can read it if you choose. You can comment if you want to. I’ll probably comment back.

But don’t disappointment me with your personal spam.

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