Have you gotten your flu shot? I got mine yesterday and it my arm hurts a little today but not badly. If you are thinking, oh, I won’t catch the flu. Or, I’m young, how bad could it be? Don’t think those things. Here’s a little story.

When I was 31, I got the flu. I had two little ones; Sarah was less than one and Jonathan was three. We were visiting my sister, Peggy, for Christmas. One minute, I’m all into the jollity of the season and the next I am flat on back really, really sick. It started with a horrible headache, then everything hurt, then I was sick to my stomach, then my chest hurt and it was hard to breathe and then I had a high fever. And then four days went by that I have almost no recollection of. My sister, who is a nurse, watched over me and Sarah, who was also pretty sick. (Thank you, Peggy) John took care of Jonathan. I just laid in bed. I have never before or since been so sick.

So put those “I’m afraid of needles” fears aside. You definitely don’t ever want to get the flu. There’s a good supply of shots this year so don’t put it off any longer.

And don’t even get me started on bird flu.

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