Truth be told, I haven’t really been paying much attention to what’s happening in the world lately. Really, what’s better, getting riled up over the world spinning out of control or having your grandson fall asleep on your lap? But seriously, somebody better start paying attention to what’s going on because Ryan and Jon’s sweet Nathan will inherit the mess we are in.

So on the political scene, why was the Bush administration surprised when everyone got up in arms over the Dubai port deal? Haven’t we been told over and over to be afraid? Well, we are. You can’t just sneak through a sale like this when you’ve taught us to be super-vigilant. I think we better continue to keep our eyes open on this one. While we are not paying attention a shell corporation could be set up that’s wholly American owned but really just a front for the UAE. I hate to be so xenophobic but I’ve been carefully trained over the past 3+ years to react this way.

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