John likes to name things.  Sometimes he names inaminate things.  When we were first married he named our African violet, Mbogo, the cactus, Juan and our Swedish ivy, Lars.  This trend has continued.  In the pond behind our house here in St. George, we have koi.  We’ve had as many as eighteen but now we have two big adults and several adolescents and lots of fry.  The big ones John named Chauncy and Edgar, as in “there’s something you don’t see everyday, Chauncy.”  “What’s that, Edgar?” of Rocky and Bullwinkle fame.  Although with all the new fish I am thinking that perhaps one of them should be Chauncetta or Edgarina.  And of course we also have Chauncy Jr. and Edgar Jr.  who look much like their parents.  Then there are the two mostly white smaller fish which John has named Mike and Andy in honor of our nephews.  In contrast, there are Sam and Dave, which are red and black.  These are named after the singing duo most famous for “Soul Man.”

Both Nathan and Jonathan were called Little Bruno before they were born.  Sarah was Brunella.  Actually it is really surprising that no one has been called Fred, which has always seemed to be John’s favorite naming name.  Strangely, he rarely calls me by any name.  I must be special.

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