We are watching Wimbledon for the next fortnight (a Britishism for two weeks) and it’s hard to fit in a lot of anything else.  The telecast starts at 4 AM and runs until 2PM.  Having a DVR ( and don’t get me going on how lame the Comcast DVR is after you’ve had TiVo) helps but it is still a lot of viewing.  Today consisted of getting up at 5:30 AM because the #%@## smoke alarm went off, playing tennis, watching tennis interrupted by a trip to the grocery store for Grand Slam watching supplies (snacks and an easy dinner), and checking the internet (a very important activity in our household.)

Otherwise, the medical problems seem to be abating (yay!), we babysat for Nathan on Monday which was very fun, and we have a zillion things to do over the weekend.  Having decided to move back full time to Pleasanton, we are re-establishing our social contacts and it seems we are much more interesting now that we’ve been away for a while.

So, if the blogging seems a little spotty or lacking in content (although there are some things that I am thinking about), it’s because good times have gotten in the way.

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