We’ve been on the road again traveling back from Utah.  As always, questions arise during the trip.  Here’s a sampling.

On our journey we pass through Boron, California.  How many other towns can you recall that are named for elements?

Along the same lines, in Utah there is a town/city named Bountiful.  Can you think of other towns that are adjectives?

There are many variations of this game, i.e. towns named for trees, towns named for animals etc.  It really passes the time.

Other questions that arose this trip -  What is the season for oranges?   Who was General Beale and why is there a road named after him around Bakersfield? (To find out the answer to this question click through to   What is the big industrial complex on the northwest corner of Kramer Jct., CA?  And did you know that there is a Fresno-Yosemite International Airport?  Actually, I  looked this one up.  Mexicana Air flies out of Fresno.

We also passed many campaign signs.  One was for someone named Small.  It got me thinking, Small and Little are last names but why no Tall or Large? 

Now we are home for a couple of weeks and then we are off to Europe for an adventure in Germany, Switzerland and Italy.  Can’t wait!!


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