This last week was my birthday week.  And by birthday week, I mean celebrating for a week.  That is unless the birthday ends in a 0.  Then it’s at least a birthday month or perhaps even a birthday year.  But as it happens, this is just a birthday that ends in an 8.

My sister, Peggy, and her husband came from Maryland for the celebrations.  My friend, George, has a birthday the day after mine and we have been celebrating together for the last 28 years when we’ve lived close enough to do so.  So the three couples settled in for some serious partying this past weekend.

This started with wine tasting at Artesa Winery which is a pretty cool looking place.  We followed by checking into the Gaige House Inn in Glen Ellen which is very nice.  They had a complimentary wine tasting from Ledson Winery.  Next we went to the Holiday dinner at Chateau St. Jean – very nice.  This was on Friday.

Saturday we had a superb breakfast at the Inn.  Then some of us tried some wine at Imagery Winery and Chateau St. Jean.  Then we all tried some at Ledson Winery and ended up joining their wine club.  Finally we made our way up to Healdsburg and had dinner at Cyrus.  They’ve recently been awarded two stars from Michelin. Yum.

Sunday the kids and Nathan came for dinner at our house.  They made the food and gave me cards.  We played with Nathan and took pictures.  I love having them over.

My sister and I shopped on Monday and John and I took Peg and Ted to the airport on Tuesday.  I was sad to see them leave.

So what has this got to do with alone time?  Today it is what I crave – a little time to be quiet and alone, to think about my great birthday week and to recharge for Christmas.

Thank you to John, Sarah, Ryan, Jonathan, Nathan, Peg, Ted, Karen and George for making this such a special week for me.


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