THE SOLUTION (get it?)

The other day when I was watching something or other on TV that we hadn’t TiVo’ed, there was this commercial from GE.  It had to do with desalinating ocean water so arid countries could have water for drinking and irrigation.  Now this isn’t a new idea but they were all revved about it and called it eco-imagination.

But wait, here’s an eco-imaginative idea.  Or, better yet, an eco-fantasy.  There’s all this gloom and doom about global warming and how the ice caps are going to melt and Florida will be come Waterworld.  But suppose we take all this extra water and desalinate it.  Plenty of water for all the world to drink and irrigate.  Oh wait, what to do with all the salt?  This could be an eco-economic (or eco-nomic) opportunity!  Take all the salt to some third world country with a shoreline, offload it, add some neon and you’ve got AlpenSaltz, a new place in warm weather climates for eco-skiing. 

If this isn’t the solution’s solution, what’s your eco-idea?

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