Yesterday I was reading the news on the internet (where, of course, everything is true) and came across an article titled, “DIET:Thin people may be fat inside.”  What? 

Apparently thin or normal sized people who are couch potatoes are likely to have major deposits of internal fat according to a study at London’s Imperial College.  These people are labled TOFIs or thin outside, fat inside.  And they are susceptible to all the health woes as normal fatties.  In fact, they have a much higher risk of mortality than fat people who are active and fit.  And they point out that Sumo wrestlers who store most of their fat under their skin have a better metabolic profile than some of their sedantary spectators.

Well isn’t this just too annoying!  Here I am exercising several times a week but carrying my weight like a Sumo wrestler.  I think I’ll start wearing a little sign that says, “Please ignore my outside appearance, I’m actually thin on the inside.”


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