We left Worland and traveled through the Big Horn Mountains on our way to Devils Tower. The ride through the mountains was really pretty, a sort of alpine scene with towering evergreens and meadows full of lupine. 

When we reached Gillette, we were hoping to take a coal mine tour.  Unfortunately the tours were at 9 and 11 and we got there at 12:30. So we had some lunch and continued on to Devils Tower.

Devils Tower is this monolith rising 1200 ft. above the surrounding area.  It is actually magma that pushed up through the surrounding rock and cooled while still beneath the surface.  Then the softer rock eroded away over time leaving this otherworldly tower.  It is striated with 5,6, and 7 sided columns.  In the rockfall you can see all these rocks with 120 degree surfaces.  John and I do the loop trail around the tower.  Very cool.

Devil's Tower
Devil’s Tower

Hexagonal piece
Hexagonal piece

It’s a real mecca for rock climbers which brings me to our accommodations.  We are staying at the Devils Tower Lodge.  It is a prefab house which used to be the head park ranger’s quarters – so not so luxurious.  It’s run by Frank who is a dedicated climber.  He is quite garrulous. We are the only guests. The other couple who was supposed to be here had car trouble and didn’t make it.

John and I are as friendly as we can possibly be.  Frank tells us a lot about climbing. The three of us have dinner together that Frank has made.  It is quite good, a lentil stew and salad with biscuits.  It’s like home cooking.  Frank talks.  We eat. Frank talks some more.  We eat some more.  Frank talks some more. We eat dessert to be polite.  Around 9:15 (dinner was at 7), Frank gets a phone call.  We scurry into our room and lay on the bed like beached whales. Are we not cut out for this B and B thing?

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