Iowa, I apologize. I didn’t even take your picture.  Most of your landscape I saw at over 70 mph.  We had to get to Moline, Illinois, and we figured you were just a flat cornfield with an interstate.  I was wrong. I’m sorry.

For everyone who has ever contemplated a drive through Iowa, take your time.  Look around. It’s really pretty. There are rolling hills and lots of trees, along with lots of agriculture. There are clean, attractive rest stops with wireless internet.  There are lots of those brown signs pointing to interesting historical and natural sights. If I had the planning to do again, I wouldn’t blow Iowa off.

When we got to Moline and checked in, there was a beautiful John Deere pail filled with all sorts of goodies from our friends here whom we are visiting. I’ve been a little nervous that they’ve been thinking, “Why are they coming here? We just know them slightly from Marco Island.” But tomorrow we are getting a great tour of the area and we’ll all reconnect and discuss Wimbledon, Moline and the prospects for another great winter season in Marco. Many thanks to them.

John Deere pail of goodies
John Deere pail of goodies

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