“I WON!”

In reading the headline news, I see that the U.S. is approaching the 4000 mark in Iraq war deaths.  If I look around the headlines, I see “we are nearing the 4000th” and “closing in on a mortality landmark.”   The media ghouls are revelling in the gore.  As if the fighter who died at 3569 is less important?  Wow, win the lottery!  Be the 4000th American killed.  And, really, who  is keeping score on the other side.  Lucky you, be the 40,000th Iraqi killed. 

And, yay! the pope baptised some Muslim who converted to Christianity.  What an Easter rush.  Any symbolism here? 

 Try to think about the world without religion. 

What are all these people dying over?   Oil?  Paradise?  Redemption?  Ignorance?

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