An article I read today from AP reported, “Scientists plan to put one of the twin Mars rovers to sleep and limit the activities of the other robot to fulfill a NASA order to cut $4 million from the program’s budget, mission team members said Monday.”  Here’s a scientific mission which has exceeded NASA’s wildest dream and it is being limited by a lack of $4 million from this program’s budget.

 I can only assume that the cuts to other areas of NASA are equally as daunting.  Otherwise, why wouldn’t they shift around some funds?  And why can’t we afford a measly $4 million?  Oh right, we are spending a billion dollars a day on a war to wipe out WMDs that don’t exist and squash Al-Qaeda in Iraq which didn’t exist there before we invaded.

When you elect a President who is proud of his “C” average image, you shouldn’t be surprised at mediocre to failing results.

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