On a sunny February day we happened into Kanab around lunchtime.  Our plan was to go to the Rocking V Cafe but we found that it was closed for the season.  As we peered into the Rewind Diner, a local worker passing by commented that they had really, really good food.  I have to admit that taking a recommendation from someone unknown and from Utah was chancy (see Utah Rules!) but it turned out he was right. 

 The interior of the Rewind Diner tries VERY hard at looking like a 50’s soda shop. So we were figuring it would be heavy on the burgers and fries but, no!, we were offered a vegetarian menu as well as the regular menu.  (Apparently veg food can not be sullied by being on the same menu as meat.)  We had a faux gyros wrap which was so tasty that it didn’t need to be called faux anything.  Also we had a falafel plate.  The falafel was great!  (Yesterday I had a falafel plate at House of Falafel in Pleasanton, CA and it wasn’t nearly as good.)  The hummus it was served with had enough texture that it didn’t just ooze out of the pita.  This was a great lunch and totally unexpected in this remote corner of Utah.

This is a tricky rating.  I want to give it an A because it was so surprisingly good for Utah.  But, really, the service was a little ditzy, they ran out of falafel so we could only get one plate and the falafel was fried a bit dark.  So…

Table consensus – B/B+


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