Rabbit Involtini and potatoes

The concierge suggested we try Aquacotta, a neighborhood restaurant that was more for locals. (This would be true if their neighborhood was aswim with Americans and Japanese.) When we got there, we got the usual English menu. John dazzled the waitperson with his Italian and we got an Italian menu. But there was no crostini di fegato! So we just asked and voila, they had it. We have often noticed that Italians have a lot to chat about with their waitperson before they order. I guess they are suggesting things that they would like to eat. The menu is just a guideline.

Anyway, in addition to the chicken livers we had some really yummy ribollita and then I had eggplant parmesan and John had rabbit involtini. This came with the best little crispy potatoes ever. They were sauted in olive oil and flavored with rosemary. Then we had some cantucci and vin santo (me) and grappa (John) for dessert. Then we stumbled back to Residence Hilda.

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