The other Pilats visit St. George

Ryan and Jon with Nathan and Sam flew into Las Vegas on May 21 and stayed with us for 10 days in Utah. It was such a good time! We played tennis and the guys played golf. We took Nathan and Sam to various parks and to the club for swimming. We also had brunch together at the club and gave Ryan and Jon the opportunity to go out to dinner a couple of times and to see Star Trek.

Nathan in the McDonald's playland.

Sam was Mr. Smiley and worked on rolling over and trying to get his knees under him.

Happy Sam.

Nathan made friends at the park and climbed all the way to the top of the play structure at McDonald’s to go down the BIG slide. Ryan and Jon took him to a nearby pool/waterpark and he got to go down the big slide with Mom.

Water jet.

Unfortunately we all got colds which put a little damper on the end of the visit. Kids and parents bounce back pretty fast from colds but grandparents do not.

Red cliffs in Snow Canyon.

Red cliffs in Snow Canyon

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I guess it’s been a while since I blogged anything. We had a busy May with two sets of visitors to the Utah house and then really bad colds.

Eileen and Jim came on May 14th and we did some hiking in Snow Canyon, did a lot of talking and had dinner at the club. The weather was really nice and it was so good to see them. Jim had bypass surgery about 8 weeks ago and he is in really good shape! He definitely out-hiked John and me. I guess if you are going to have major surgery, it is a lot better to be really healthy otherwise.

Eileen and Jim on the trail. by you.