John ordered wood-grilled pork and olive sausage, calabrese braised romano beans and yukon gold potatoes. I thought the sausage was a little dry but he thought it was just right. Supposedly you eat with your eyes first. This was not a great dish for the eyes.
P5100015.JPGThen on to Chateau St. Jean for a little wine sipping on their back deck.  Bob (whom we call Alpha Bob because he seems first among Bobs there), served us all our favorites.  Phillipe charmed us with his usual bulls*&# and then we too tired to drive back to Pleasanton.

Not being able to find a room at the Gaige House, our favorite, in Glen Ellen, we opted to stay at the Kenwood Inn and Spa.  Word of warning – this place is incredibly overpriced and NOISY.  Plus there was no wireless internet.  But it was a nice room and a gigantic bathroom and it seemed a better choice than driving home.

We had a great day in wine country.  We ate great food, tasted great wine and spent a great deal of money.

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