August 18, 2009 Slow cooked pork chop

Low temp pork cooking

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Remember how good pork used to taste? And then they made skinny pigs so people could have low fat pork. It cooks up dry and tasteless.  What was the point? Just because something is low fat doesn’t mean that people will want to eat it.

When we were visiting my sister this summer, she made some really good pork chops using the technique recommended by America’s Test Kitchen. They turned out really well. So we decided to try it.

You have to get the butcher to cut you some really thick pork chops. You roast them in a 275 degree oven until they reach an internal temperature of 125 degrees. Then you transfer them to a pan and sear all the edges bringing the internal temp up to 145. To avoid the mess we seared the pork chop outside on the grill.

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