September 23-27, 2009 Visitors to St. George

Things have been mighty busy here in St. George this past week. We had company! The first company ever from Pleasanton. Madelynn and Steve hopped in their car and made the long trip out to St. George last Wednesday.

Our first day we hiked in Snow Canyon State Park. Snow Canyon is a small gem about five minutes from our house. We took them for a hike on the Petrified Sand Dunes Trail. But it’s not so much a trail as a self-directed ramble over the dunes. It’s basically like going up and down a staircase of shallow steps. Madelynn and Steve climbed up pretty high. John and I were less ambitious or maybe just more cautious.

Grand Canyon, Toroweep

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On Friday we went to Toroweep. Toroweep is on the north rim of the Grand Canyon. To get there, you have to drive for an hour on paved streets and then about two hours on dirt roads. The last seven miles are pretty extreme. The payoff, though, is that you get to see a part of the Grand Canyon that few people go to. In fact when we got there, there was only one other car. Unfortunately, soon afterwards a party of about 10 trail bikes showed up. But we managed to put them out of our minds and just enjoyed the scenic beauty of the place.

Lava Falls at Toroweep

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There is a geological formation called lava falls at Toroweep. You can see the hardened lava spilling over the cliffs down into the Colorado River. The lava makes a waterfall of about 25 feet. In this picture, the tiny dots are rafts either waiting to go over the falls or deciding whether to turn around.

After the hike

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On Saturday we went to Zion National Park and hiked on the Eagle Crag Trail. We started a little too late and by the time we were trekking upward, it was way hot. Really too hot for me. I felt bad that the whole party had to turn around and return to the car after we’d been hiking for about 45 minutes. Of course that was better than carrying me back down the hill. Afterwards we had lunch at Oscar’s Café. Their fish tacos are delicious.

Sunday Madelynn and Steve departed. They left a little late though, at about 10 AM. This means by the time they hit Las Vegas everyone was checking out and the traffic in Las Vegas and between Las Vegas and Barstow was really bad. It took them fifteen hours to get home. Sorry!

It was a great visit and now we are looking forward to the next set of friends who arrive in about 10 days. The weather has cooled down and it should be an excellent time for a visit!

September 21, 2009 St. George, UT

I love a Jewish carpenter

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This week we are working on lots of home improvement projects. One has already gone awry. We wanted to replace our cooktop but have discovered that the manufacturers have all different sizes for the cooktop cutouts. So the one we want to put in is too large for the hole we have. Grrrr. This is beyond our ability to fix.

But John has adapted our Eastern king headboard that we schlepped all the way from Pleasanton to fit our CalKing bed in Utah. He worked really hard at this and must have hauled it in and out of the bedroom five times getting it all to work out.


I did it!
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Several years ago Sophie and I took a trip out to Zion National Park and tried to stay at the Zion Ranch Resort. By tried I mean we went into a cabin and were accosted by giant spiders! When we went back to the front desk and told them we were not staying in our spider-infested cabin, they told us that they were not surprised since we looked more like Hilton ladies.

I love that. Ever since, when presented with a chore that I’d rather not do, I think, “Well, I shouldn’t have to do that, I’m a Hilton lady.” I guess Conrad Hilton would be surprised if he saw that today I replaced three toilet seats. Hilton lady, hah!

September 19, 2009 St. George, UT

Stormy weather

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After staying home for six weeks, which I think is a record recently, we made our way to St. George. We brought a headboard for our bed here lashed to the top of the car. It was unbelievably noisy with the tie-downs thrumming at different pitches depending on our speed.

The couple of days we’ve been here, dark clouds have rolled in late each afternoon. The wind really picks up and then thunder and lightning and sometimes rain. It’s pretty dramatic. I’ve advised John not to wash the windows until shortly before our company arrives on Wednesday.