October 14, 2009 Milellis and vanGelders visit Part 2

Okay, I realized after I wrote Part 3 that I had forgotten Part 2. John has kept after me to complete the visit saga. So here goes…

After hauling everyone out of bed at a reasonable hour, we managed to pile into two cars and drive to Zion National Park. Zion is quite beautiful this time of year with the leaves changing color. And there were so many fewer people here on this Wednesday than there were on Monday. The park bus service is still running so we had the opportunity to start in one place and end up in another without having to trudge back to the car.

We started our hike on the Kayenta Trail which is a very pretty trail which connects to the Emerald Ponds Trail. There are always zillions of people on the Emerald Ponds Trail but very few on the Kayenta Trail. I think everyone enjoyed the hike and the waterfalls.

Of course, afterwards we went to Oscar’s Cafe. Yum. After a big day hiking and sightseeing we made a salad for supper and retired fairly early.

Lucky ladies

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On Friday, while the guys played golf at Coral Canyon, Luree, Karen and I drove down to Mesquite, Nevada to try our luck at the slots. None of us are big gamblers so after quickly losing some money playing the quarter slots, we moved on to the penny slots. The payoff is much smaller but the entertainment lasts longer!

As a finish to a great visit we had dinner at Entrada’s Kokopelli Restaurant. The view is amazing but the food is way less amazing. But we had a good time and Chef Matt will be hearing from us about the quality, availability and service.

Our company left this morning around 8:30. John and I cleaned up the kitchen and then went back to bed. I slept until noon! We had a wonderful time with the Milellis and the vanGelders. I hope they will visit again!

October 10-13, 2009 Milellis and vanGelders visit St. George Part 1

The Milellis and the vanGelders arrived in St. George on Saturday night. I think they enjoyed the road trip as much as it is possible to do so. I sent the along a sheet of interesting facts about the places they were passing through. They left on Friday and managed to make it to St. George by 6 PM on Saturday. It was a leisurely trip. Our first dinner was carnitas and salad. Here are my helpers in the kitchen.

Lava John

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We also took the Lava Flow Trail. While we were exploring near the edge of a lava tube, I managed to fall and bruise my knee. Joe got way too close to the hole and I just walked away looking in the other direction. It makes me so nervous! John, in the meantime, clambered up on to a pile of lava.