Pilat Eve

Sam and Dad

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Somehow not being content with all the birthday celebrations, Hanukkah, Christmas Eve and Christmas in December, Sarah came up with a new holiday called Pilat Eve. The main event of Pilat Eve is, of course, eating but also singing, opening some presents and playing Rock Band.

Sarah made or bought dip, cookies, hummus, veggies, pub cheese and various cheeses, Jonathan and Ryan brought chopped liver and a pie and I made antipasti skewers and bagel chips with lox spread. There were also pretzels and potato chips and dip. No one starved.

We exchanged some presents with Jon and Ryan and the kids. Sam was intrigued by a piece of plastic. Nathan liked his new MegaBlock construction equipment. Jon got two copies of the same golf book. And Ryan will be the most glamorous cook on the block having received cookbooks and mascara.

Unfortunately Rock Band had a malfunction so we couldn’t play this year but we did sing Christmas carols. Nathan had thoughtfully supplied us with songs about snowplows and other heavy equipment to the tunes of well-known Christmas songs.

Yay for Pilat Eve!

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