January 7, 2010 Still cooking, still cold

Tom Yum Goong Man

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We are getting tired of the cold. The houses in Florida, or at least this one, are really not built with temperatures in 30’s and 40’s in mind. The windows are single pane. There’s not a lot of insulation. To warm up, we have started cooking hearty, comfort food.

Granted, neither John nor I grew up with tom yum goong as a staple in our households. John’s mother cooked all the food for the week on Sunday and then reheated all week. By the end of the week there was a mishmash of all sorts of ghastly Judeo-American dishes on the table. My mom was pretty much a straight-forward American cook. Her problem was that she didn’t like to eat so boil some meat and some potatoes, cook some green beans. Voila, dinner.

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