May 1, 2010 Pleasanton

Three generations

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We had a lot to do this past weekend. Part of what we did was have Jon, Sam and Nathan overnight on Saturday night. They arrived around 10 AM and John and Jon went out to play tennis. Sam took a nap and Nathan and I played a game that he calls something like, “Going to sleep and getting up.” This is actually a truck game as most games are with Nathan. I am the inspector of a yard which houses trucks and heavy equipment. I make sure all the vehicles are back at night and are in good shape. In the morning I send them out on their various assignments. The game gets a bit more elaborate every time we play it. Once a new segment is in place, it must always be a part of the game. This time we added the fact that the fire engine was visiting the local school to talk about fire safety. I am apparently so good at this game that even Zayde is not allowed to play. Only Beeba.

Here are the guys watching a video. It’s one way to get them all together in one place sitting still!

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