June 14, 2010 Pleasanton, CA

M-mm good

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Jonathan and Ryan are on the move to their new house in Palo Alto. Their displacement for a week meant that we got to have the boys (and them) stay with us! One thing we learned is that Sam really likes to eat. He’d periodically go over to his chair at the table and try to get up in it while vigorously signing the gesture for food. He has several words now and often told us “all done” very clearly. Except he usually didn’t mean it. There was always room for another piece of macaroni or toast.

We had a great time with the kids. We took them out to lunch, to the park and swimming. We were reminded of how much work little ones are.

Sleepy guy

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I guess all our activities and the stress of moving finally got to Nathan. One afternoon he just zonked out on the floor. John had put on Modern Marvels (which always puts me to sleep as well) and when we asked Nathan about one of the trucks and got no reply, we realized that he was sound asleep.

June 6, 2010 San Jose, CA

Crazy signs

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Who is that cute boy? It’s Sam!!! John and I spent the morning with Sam while Ryan went with Nathan to preschool. We played blocks and puppets and had some snacks. He is so good and sweet. In this picture he had climbed up on the fireplace ledge and started making motions with his hand. He did this over and over. Sam doesn’t have many words yet but he does have a variety of signs. We had no idea what this gesture meant. He was probably thinking to himself, “What’s wrong with Beeba and Zayde? They’re not responding!”

May 31, 2010 Livermore Airport

Nathan at Wings of Freedom

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Wow, I am so behind with blog posts. On Memorial Day we had the other Pilats over for the requisite hamburgers and fixings. While the womenfolk tended the hearth and home, the older guys (John, Jon and Nathan) went to Livermore Airport for the Wings of Freedom exhibition. Included in the show were all sorts of airplanes used in WWII. Reports came back that Nathan enjoyed it very much and even waited patiently in line for an hour to see the inside of one of the planes.

May 26, 2010 Boron, CA

Boron museum

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People often ask us, “How can you stand taking that boring trip from Pleasanton to St. George (and back) over and over and over again. I guess it’s all about whom you are with and what you are doing. As I’ve said before John and I don’t play music or the radio when we travel. We talk to each other. Plus we find interest in unique, out of the way places. Amazing as it may seem, this is our second visit to Boron. About 15 years ago we spent a 5 day vacation based out of Barstow, CA. Yeeks, Mary, Barstow! Yes, there’s lots of interesting stuff around there.

Big truck, little John

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In the picture above is the Twenty Mule Team Museum. The twenty mule teams hauled more than 20 million pounds of borax out of Death Valley between 1883 and 1889. We didn’t go in the museum this time as we had visited it previously. The vintage Thunderbird parked out front was just an additional perk. Then we walked down to the corner park and found this giant dump truck used for hauling out the borax once the mules were no longer used. It was replaced by an even larger dump truck. This was definitely a photo op. Another in a long line of “big something, little John” pictures.

Old timey fire truck

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This antique fire truck was keeping the giant dump truck company. Unfortunately there were no explanatory plaques. Our visit to Boron took about 20 minutes and was a nice way to spend some time and stretch our legs. Plus it initiated one of our favorite games -What cities are named after elements? We have such fun!!