July 3, 2010 Fourth of July Celebration, Pleasanton, CA

Happy Fourth!

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What, another holiday that we are celebrating pre- or post-? On July 3, all the Pilats got together for what was basically an eating experience. First job of the day for America’s birthday – act like a European and go to the farmer’s market to choose the freshest things available and craft a dinner out of it. Jon and Ryan got some delicious corn from Brentwood and some heirloom tomatoes along with strawberries for dessert. So along with rib eye steaks, we had corn on the cob (microwaved per ear wrapped in saran wrap for 2 minutes followed by rolling around on the grill – yum!), Jonathan’s heirloom tomatoes in oil and vinegar with basil and mozzarella and Ryan’s strawberry shortcake with drop biscuits. It was really good.

Along with the eating, Nathan and I decorated outside and talked about the flag and why we celebrate Fourth of July, Sam napped, Jon and Ryan visited some in town friends, Sarah did her laundry and John and I got some excellent family time.

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