October 31, 2010 Halloween

On Halloween, we went over to visit Sam and Nathan in the morning. I figured it would be a good time to give them Halloween treats and see them in their costumes. I went in costume as well. I decided to dress up as The Inspector, a heavy equipment yard inspector that figures large in my pretend games with Nathan. I knocked on their door and when Jonathan came to the door I shouted, “Where’s the guy with the trucks?!” And although I think Nathan knew it was me, his eyes were all aglow when he first saw me in my fake glasses, moustache and cap. I also had on an official Inspector badge.

The Inspector and Nathan
Beeba the Inspector and Nathan

Nathan was willing to show us his costume. Sam not so much. Sam dressed as a skeleton and Nathan was a bucket truck. His bucket arm was a great way to capture Halloween loot.

Nathan the Bucket Truck
Nathan the Bucket Truck

We had a good time visiting and the kids enjoyed the treats we brought them.

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