November 10, 2010 Visit to St. George

When we got up this morning it was cold. I mean in the 30’s. We don’t experience much cold weather like this in California so we were a little wimped out. However, tennis was on the schedule and tennis it would be. So after waiting until it got to almost 50 we ventured out.

Chilly day
Chilly morning at the courts

Jonathan was in good form. He hits a very hard topspin forehand. And he, being a youngster, gets to every ball we hit!

The windup
Jonathan waiting for a forehand

John and I are a little slower, well, a lot slower. John’s hip is slowing him down although he still looks great hitting his shots. I look like the Michelin man in a tennis skirt so I decided not to post any pictures of me.


We played for about two hours. We don’t play games since we enjoy hitting around much more. That way nobody gets upset by less than stellar play and we get much more practice.

No hard feelings, Dad
No hard feelings, Dad!

Let’s see what else did we do yesterday. Went to the store. Made a great risotto. And, bought a new car! Yay! for new cars. Jonathan has really been a help this week comparing models and prices on line. He decided that we would really like a Nissan Murano but we hadn’t been able to find one. Yesterday he located a 2010 Murano at a nearby dealership and veni, vidi, vici! I am very excited since it has been a long time since a new car and I have the Clark “new car” gene. My sister and I are always plotting and planning the next purchase. I guess I’ll have to wait another 7 to 10 years for another new car, but I am not thinking about that today!


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