November 11, 2010 Visit to St. George

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures today. Guys went out and played golf. I went to the store for vittles (in my new car!) I made JonSauce. JonSauce is a spaghetti sauce with sausage and mushrooms in it. I figured that he’d like it. We had it with bucatini, a weird pasta that looks like a fat spaghetti except it has a hole in the middle. I also made shrimp cocktail with chipotle cocktail sauce. This is due to the fact that I was unable to find horseradish as I mentioned in a previous entry. There are three major grocery stores in St. George plus The Three Amigos and Dixie Nutrition. So it is kind of like a treasure hunt when you want to find an ingredient that St. Georgans find a little off the beaten path. But I digress. What else did we do on this day without pictures? Jon and I took a ride in the NEW car. We watched tennis. The Paris Masters is on. Roger Federer continues to do well. I am happy about that. The end.

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