November 7, 2010 A visit to St. George with Jonathan

On Saturday, November 6, John, Jonathan and I left Pleasanton at 6:30 AM for a road trip to St. George, UT. I brought along my “Trip Tickles,” a compendium of fascinating factoids along the seemingly endless route to St. George. John drove the first leg to Santa Nella (not named after a saint but rather after the Spanish word for sentinal, sentinela) and then we stuck Jonathan with the long trip down I-5 to Lost Hills (the last place that James Dean stopped before his fatal crash.) John took over at this point and due to some car trouble ending up driving the rest of the way to St. George.

Today John and Jonathan went out to play golf. Here’s Jon at the course.

Jon and scenery
Jon the Golfer

Jonathan was the winner of the day. It appears that John found the rough quite rough.

Uh oh
Uh oh

Later we went to the store for the ingredients for tonight’s dinner. We decided to theme our dinners after the different regions in Italy. Last night we had pasta with a Bolognese sauce. Tonight we decided to try dishes from around Venice. Unfortunately, neither dinner scored higher than a 3 on a scale of 0-5.

Men at WorkJon in the kitchen
Appetizer time

Our first course for our Veneto dinner was Funghi Misti with Puntarelle. It was pretty good.

Funghi Misti with Puntarelle

The second dish, Sweet Shrimp with Soft Polenta, missed the mark because Mario Batali told us to make the polenta in a 6:1 ratio and it came out like soup. We all thought the shrimp was quite good. Tomorrow night we try a new region, I am hoping that we score better.

Sweet shrimp with soft polenta

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