December 14, 2010 Sfo to LAX

We have the silliest airline tickets ever! We have to fly from SFO to LAX to JFK to BCN (Barcelona.) It will take from today until Thursday to get to Barcelona. But I suppose 2 free tickets make it worth it. Except for a slight delay at SFO, everything went off very smoothly. Sarah had a gin and tonic enroute and I had a glass of wine. If you are flying first class, you might as well get some of the perks! Our luggage was first up and the shuttle to the hotel pulled up as we got to the stop. So all and all a good start to the trip.

Tonight we had dinner had the hotel restaurant, Papparazzi. I thought it was meh. Sarah said the people on Foursquare raved about the bread. It was pretty tasteless. John and I had rigatoni in a cream chardonnay sauce and Sarah had a Caesar salad and mac and cheese. (reminds me of the old days) We are all pretty tired and parted ways after dinner. Tomorrow we leave for New York and then Barcelona and we have to get up fairly early.

Dinner in LA
Dinner in L.A.

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