January 11, 2011 Happy Birthday, Sam!

Today is Sam’s birthday. He is two. Sometimes I think he is older than that because he speaks so well. He even sneezes and then blesses himself! Anyway he is as cute as can be and we are looking forward to seeing him soon. Sam was supposed to have a little birthday party last Saturday but caught a cold which developed into croup and he ended up staying in the hospital overnight on Friday. So no birthday party. At first I suggested we just celebrate his birthday when we have our postponed Christmas celebration on the 16th. But, NO!, how could I suggest that when my whole life I have been campaigning for separate birthday celebrations for December (and January) birthdays. On Friday we will have Sam’s birthday followed by Christmas on Sunday.

In other news, what’s with the weather? I now realize how incredibly lucky we were to fly to Europe through JFK and not get hit with any bad weather either coming or going. Even while we were in Europe we only had chilly, misty weather at worse. Since I am not the world’s best flyer, I am thankful for clear skies.

So not much else going on yet this month. We are hoping to go to St. George next week to rev things up for a kitchen remodel. Brightening up the kitchen and getting a better cooking solution will be wonderful. It seems like there are a lot of contractors eager for our business. Times are tough for the building trade. A real plus in going to St. George is that the sun is usually shining there as opposed to here where it is foggy much of the time in the winter.

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