June 27, 2011 Hiking up Pleasanton Ridge

In an effort to vary our exercise a little and to get in shape for our upcoming vacation, John and I decide to take a hike up Pleasanton ridge. The gain up the ridge is about 700 feet. I know that doesn’t sound like much but it quite steep in areas and we have not hiked lately.

The park entrance
A beautiful thistle

Up, up, we trudge stopping frequently to take pictures of flowers, enjoy the view, and have a sip of water. Actually we are just trying to look casual as we catch our breath.

Only half way!?
The pause that refreshes

At last we reach the top! Now we’ll just hike over to that bench that we remember as being much closer than it actually is. After sitting a spell, we start the long hike back. Downhill seems harder than uphill. In all I think we hiked between 5 and 6 miles. We are sore for several days but are feeling good that we managed it.

Hurrah, we are at the top!
Our goal with Mt. Diablo in the background
The view of Pleasanton from the bench

June, 2011 Spending time with Nathan and Sam

During June, Ryan and Jonathan have the opportunity to go visit Turkey and Greece with Rose and John. Auntie Leigh has been kind enough to offer to stay with Nathan and Sam. We decide to postpone our cross-country trip and stay in town to give Leigh a break once in a while. The first time we stayed with the boys while Leigh went to Happy Hour at St. Stephen’s with Sarah, everything goes very smoothly. We read books and I bring mac and cheese from the blue box and strawberry shortcake made with whipped cream from a can. I think it is the first time they have seen whipped cream produced for those of us who don’t whip it themselves. Sam is a little skeptical but finally tastes it and agrees that it will do.

Zayde and Nathan are engrossed in a book about dragons.
Zayde reads "Go, Dog, Go" to Sam and Nathan.
Sam eyes the dessert suspiciously.
I guess it will do, Beeba.

One of the other times we go over is after the trauma of Nathan running around in the dark in his room and knocking out his front tooth. We get a very distressed phone call from Leigh needing reassurance that it is just a baby tooth and, as long as she has found it, there is no need to panic. This time we spend our time coloring and having pizza and popsicles.

Nathan minus one front tooth.
Popsicles are recommended medicine for tooth trauma.
Sam thinks it's a good idea too.
Coloring with Nathan. What color should I chose next?
Our finished masterpieces

Auntie Leigh did a fabulous job taking care of Nathan and Sam. They had a fun time together and Ryan and Jon had a great vacation. But the boys really missed them.

June 19, 2011 Father’s Day

For Father’s Day, Sarah comes over and the three of us go out to dinner at Fontina’s on Saturday night. Jonathan and Ryan are away on their European vacation. We have a lovely dinner full of memories of our past times together and discuss plans for our upcoming trip to Germany in the spring of next year. On Sunday Sarah and I go to Gretchen’s to get our hair cut and colored.

Mary and Sarah ready to go out to dinner.
Mom and Sarah with the Father's Day honoree.
Mary and Sarah with our matching dos.

June 12, 2011 A visit with Nathan and Sam

Today we go over to Ryan and Jon’s house for a little time with Nathan and Sam. When we arrive Nathan is zonked out in the car having fallen asleep on the way home from a birthday party. Sam is taking a nap. Both boys seem pretty tired today so our activities are subdued.

Zayde and a tired Nathan snuggle on the couch.
Beeba and Sam look for goldbug in "Things That Go!"
Jonathan and Nathan play a memory game.

June 1, 2011 Nathan’s graduation from pre-school

We attend Nathan’s graduation from preschool into first grade. There is a fabulous graduation party.

Sam playing on the playground at Nathan's school.

Nathan and Sam having the special picnic dinner for the graduates.
Nathan's class acts out Dr. Seuss's Sneetches.
Nathan receives his certificate of completion.
A special cake for the graduates!
For the party, Auntie Leigh makes a fabulous Sneetch cake.
Nathan posing with his cake.
We gave Nathan some pirate legos and Sam a group of dinosaurs.