August 31, 2011 The Adventures of Clark and Lewis – Home

Beeba, Zayde, Clark and Lewis had a great time in Prescott, AZ. But it was time to go home.

“Lewis, I will be so happy to be home again,” said Clark.

“You and me, both,” agreed Lewis.

“What are you looking forward to?” asked Clark.

“Well, I heard Beeba say to Zayde that we are going to the Concert at the Park when we get home,” replied Lewis.

Oh, I am so excited,” said Clark. “We will be having popcorn!”

And so after a long day’s drive, they all reached Beeba and Zayde’s house. There was lots of unpacking and laundry to do and a great deal of mail to be picked up. On Friday they all went to the park.

“Yum, I love popcorn,” said Lewis.

“I think, though,” said Clark, “that I will enjoy quiet mornings when we can sit and have a cup of tea and work on a puzzle.”

Clark and Lewis enjoy a puzzle

“The best thing, though, will be seeing Nathan and Sam again,” said Lewis. “I want to hear about Nathan’s first day of kindergarten and what Sam is doing at Pili’s.”

“Oh, I agree,” said Clark. “ I think we are going there on Sunday. We have lots of presents to give them.”

“Adventuring is fun,” said Lewis. “I hope we will have lots of stories to send to Nathan and Sam.”

“Oh, I am sure we will,” replied Clark.

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