September 25, 2011 Just a typical day in Utah

Clark and Lewis have been on their best behavior. They haven’t had a pillow fight or jumped on the beds. They haven’t gone into the kitchen and eaten up all the popcorn or drunk all the soda. They haven’t even been particularly noisy. Could it be that they want to impress Beeba and Zayde so they can go on the trip to Italy?

“Gosh, Clark,” said Lewis, “I am so bored! We need to do something fun.”

“Oh, Lewis, you are such a complainer,” remarked Clark. “Let’s not forget that Beeba hurt her back playing tennis and can’t do too much.”

“At least she was playing!” grumbled Lewis.

“C’mon, let’s go lean against Beeba’s heating pad. It will make you all warm and you’ll feel just like you did when you were a little duckling in your nest,” suggested Clark.

“Ooh, this is nice,” quacked Lewis.

Clark and Lewis warm up against Beeba's heating pad

“Well, pretending we were ducklings was much better than trying to watch the dumb old TV,” said Lewis. “I can’t believe we have to go at least four or five days with no TV.”

“Hopefully the Direct TV guys will send out the replacement DVR right away and we’ll be back to watching Kermit,” said Clark. “He’s my favorite! I love it when he sings ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green.'”

“Of course you do,” sniffed Lewis.

Clark and Lewis are hoping the TV will come back to life

“Did you see the new toys that Beeba and Zayde bought for Nathan and Sam?” asked Clark. “There are puzzles and Play-Doh and even a fire truck.”

“I heard Beeba say that Nathan and Sam might come for a visit after Thanksgiving,” said Lewis. “We could come too. It would be so much fun.”

Clark and Lewis admire new toys for Nathan and Sam

“Hey, you guys!” shouted Beeba. “Can you give me a hand shucking the corn?”

“Sure, Beeba,” said Clark and Lewis.

“You know, Lewis,” said Clark as they sat down to their task, “Sometimes there are bugs in corn. We might get lucky!”

Clark and Lewis are hoping for a bug treat

“Let’s go outside and see if Zayde needs any help with washing the windows,” said Lewis. “Maybe there will be some ducks in the pond.”

“Or frogs!!” exclaimed Clark.

So they sat for a while and watched Zayde wash the windows. They kept one eye on the pond in case a friend might come by.

Clark and Lewis watch Zayde wash windows

“I don’t mind getting wet,” said Lewis. “I am going to give Zayde a hand.”

“Oh, Lewis,” moaned Clark, “you always have to get into the act.”

Lewis helps Zayde with the window washing

Do you think that Clark and Lewis will have a more exciting day tomorrow?

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