December 30, 2011 Clark and Lewis having fun in Marco Island

Clark and Lewis have been very busy since they arrived in Marco Island.

“Hey, Clark,” said Lewis, “you look way cool in your sunglasses.”

“Thanks, Lewis. I really like this place,” said Clark. “It’s got its own cement pond in back of the house. Only problem is that they put up screens so no bugs can get in. It makes catching a snack really difficult!”

Catching some rays by the pool

“I tried having a conversation with the snowman,” said Lewis. “But he was very cool to me.”

“Oh, Lewis,” laughed Clark, “he’s just a blow up pool toy.”

“I knew that,” muttered Lewis, embarrassedly.

Carl the snowman

Clark and Lewis renewed their acquaintance with Aunt Peggy’s cats, Tiger and KC. They had met them this past summer.

“Shhh, Lewis,” whispered Clark. “KC is sleeping.”

“I think I like it better when she is asleep,” said Lewis. “She’s really awfully big. I have to admit I am a little afraid of the cats. You know cats like to catch birds and I’m a bird.”

“I saw Tiger and KC chasing a poor gecko. I’m no reptile but they might like to chase amphibians too,” worried Clark.

Clark and Lewis check out a sleeping KC

Later on in the day Clark and Lewis accompanied Beeba and Zayde to the YMCA. Beeba and Zayde played tennis and Clark and Lewis watched.

“These are some pretty nice tennis courts,” remarked Clark. “This summer when we were driving cross country, we went to some really rundown ones.”

“It looks like Beeba and Zayde are having some trouble playing on clay,” said Lewis. “Especially Beeba.”

“I think she is getting frustrated, Lewis,” said Clark. “We will have to be extra nice to her later.”

Clark and Lewis at the tennis courts with Zayde

Later on they went to the Naples Botanical Garden. There was a celebration of winter with lights, a big bonfire, music and cocoa. Clark was very excited when they saw a Christmas light frog.

“Look, look, Lewis,” exclaimed Clark, “it’s a frog made out of Christmas lights! I remember being so disappointed when there were no frog mosaics in Sicily but this really makes up for it. Plus there is a frog habitat. These people from south Florida really know how to please a frog.”

“I am so happy for you, Clark,” said Lewis. “I’m also a little jealous. I wish there were some ducks.”

A Christmas frog
The frog habitat

Clark and Lewis had fun today. Tomorrow would be a big day because it would be new year’s eve.

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