December 31 – January 1, 2012 Mary, John, Clark and Lewis celebrate New Year’s Eve

“Do you know what day this is, Lewis?” asked Clark.

“Uh, Saturday?” replied Lewis.

“Yes, it’s Saturday but it is also New Year’s Eve and Beeba and Zayde and Aunt Peggy and Uncle Ted are going to have a little party with great things to eat and drink!” exclaimed Clark.

“Ooh, now this is sounding interesting,” said Lewis. “You know I love hors d’ouevres!”

“But first we have to watch some football. It seems that football watching is part of the celebration,” said Clark.

Clark and Lewis watch football on TV

So Clark and Lewis watched some football and ate a lot of snacks. Everybody ate in the living room which seemed odd to Clark and Lewis. Then Aunt Peggy and Beeba made party hats for Clark and Lewis out of aluminum foil. Beeba also made a tiara for Aunt Peggy.

“These are great hats, Aunt Peggy,” said Lewis. “I am really in the party mood.”

“It’s nice to see everyone so happy!” said Clark.

Aunt Peggy with Clark and Lewis and homemade party hats

The grownups seemed to get a little silly as the evening wore on. At one point Aunt Peggy put Clark on top of Beeba’s head. They laughed and laughed.

“You know, Lewis, we get to stay up until midnight tonight,” said Clark. “We watch a big ball drop in Time’s Square and everybody hugs one another and says Happy New Year!”

“I hope I can stay awake until it’s tomorrow,” said Lewis.

Beeba wears Clark like a hat

Finally the big moment came and everyone yelled Happy New Year!

Clark shouting Happy New Year!

The next day everyone slept late.

“Gosh, where is everyone?” asked Lewis.

“All the grown-ups stayed up very late so they are catching up on their sleep this morning,” said Clark.

“But who is going to make me my breakfast?” asked Lewis.

“Oh, Lewis, you are always hungry!” said Clark.

Aunt Peggy finally got up and got ready for the big game. Her team was playing and she got all dressed up in her Baltimore Ravens outfit.

“Aunt Peggy, if you wear those clothes and beads and stuff, will it help your team win?” asked Clark.

“You bet it will!” said Aunt Peggy. “These are special lucky clothes that I always wear on gameday.”

“I think maybe we should get Beeba a Roger Federer shirt for when she watches tennis. He could use a little luck,” said Lewis.

Aunt Peggy ready for the football game with Clark and Lewis

The lucky clothes worked! Aunt Peggy’s team won the football game and everyone was happy.


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