October 21, 2012 – Amarante – Dinner at Largo da Paco

On our last night in Amarante we treated ourselves to a tasting menu dinner at the restaurant in the hotel, Largo da Paco. Here’s our experience –

Mary sitting with a glass of wine waiting for dinner to begin


The first amuse bouche – lobster quenelle with pineapple, micro-greens, passionfruit and balsamic vinegar. This was too mayonnaise-y and the passionfruit was too much texture!

Second amuse bouche – mushroom ravioli in an intense seafood broth and caviar. I thought this worked best when eaten all together.

Mackerel pate, tartar and confit with roasted peppers, olives, garlic bread, tomatoes, cucumber and watercress. Served with a Vallido rose. This was pretty good.

Broad beans with bisaro pork, egg cooked 62 degrees, broth of broad beans with Portuguese sausage served with Tres Bagos sauvignon blanc 2011. I liked this except the beans were very green tasting. John thought it could have been better.

Then we had ray fish with noisette butter, banana and peanuts, bok choy, and maize with dried tomatoes served with 2010 Tiera, a white blend from Niepoort. Except for the peanut sauce this was very good. I forgot to take a picture.

Next a palate cleanser of mojito granite. They must have stolen the idea from us!

Rabbit stuffed with pistachio, mustard and herbs, celery puree, pumpkin chutney and thyme sauce served with Fagote 2008, a red blend. This was the best course of the evening. The rabbit was a little dry but was perfect with the sauce.

For dessert a pear with white wine port and spices, Portuguese cheese mousse, chocolate pie and lavender ice cream served with Rozes port white reserve. This was dessert. I am not a fan. I especially did not like the cheese mousse.

A lot of small courses. A lot of wine. We enjoyed our evening but definitely wouldn’t want to do it every night!

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