October 27, 2012 Caceres to Seville, Spain

On our way out of Caceres we stop at Cuevas de Maltravieso. These caves were inhabited by humans some 25,000 years ago. There is a small interpretive center (all in Spanish), a mock-up of a cave, and you can see the outside of the cave itself. The paintings consist mostly of negative hand prints. Some show various numbers of fingers.

John at Cuevas de Maltravieso

Then we are off through the beautiful countryside to Seville. We try to figure out what kind of trees are growing in the area. The tress seem to be non-deciduous and low in form but are darker in color than olive trees – maybe oak for cork or acorns for the various livestock we see grazing under the trees?

Spanish countryside

After some trouble finding the hotel thanks to Jack once again getting us close but not to the hotel, we make our way to our room. The Hotel Silken Al-Andalus is outside the old town but close by. It is a little worn. I think it is limping along due to its being a venue for weddings and events. Our room is large but lacks such things as tissues or a clock. We are told that the wifi is broken due to rain. (It is not fixed during our stay.) Since it is late in the afternoon and we have not eaten since breakfast, we hit the cafe for some tapas.

Our room at Hotel Al-Andalus

We also check out the menu of the restaurant. Item three has an odd salad. I think we are done eating for the day. I am, in any case, still trying to get over my case of the “travelers complaint.”

I think I will pass up the “salad of germs”

There is quite a bit of noise outside our window. We look out upon a giant soccer stadium. It is filling up quickly. The Seville team, Bettis, is playing Valencia.

The big game

We can follow the action by hearing the cheers and groans of the crowd. It seems like one of the main activities is singing. The crowd knows many team songs and sings them in unison. I guess since there is little scoring in soccer it keeps them involved. Seville Bettis wins and the crowd disperses happily. As quiet settles in, we retire early reading books and planning the next day’s activities.

Actual scoring and not just a penalty kick at the end!

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