June 6, 2013 – Remodel in St. George

Why is it that our contractor and door person cannot understand what we want to do! It seems perfectly straightforward to us. Build a wall to enclose the toilet and the shower in a bathroom. Take the existing door and have it swing either way to be the door to the entire bathroom or just door to the new powder room. Then take out the existing vanity and sink and make them more like a wet bar. This way we take this hallway that goes through a bathroom and into a study/bedroom and turn it into a hallway with a wet bar and a powder room.

View from dining room through bathroom hallway to study
View from dining room through bathroom hallway to study/bedroom

So in the picture above the door is open into the bathroom/hallway. The tape shows the placement of the new full wall on the right side and the space for the smaller wet bar.
The shower and toilet portion of the bathroom
The shower and toilet portion of the bathroom

We want to make that half wall into a full wall.
View through bathroom/hallway from study
View through bathroom/hallway from study/bedrooom

Okay, where the tape is on the left will be the new wall. You can see that it angles out towards the dining room. If you take the existing door and swing it inward, you can close off the new powder room. If you swing it in the other direction you close off the entire bathroom.

We think our (John’s) solution is brilliant. The contractor and the door guy are hung up on the lack of a total door jamb. We don’t get their problem. They don’t get our concept.


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